Though I have used collage incorporating newspaper  elements for a long time, digital collage is fairly new to me. High tech (the amazing technology of the world-wide-web and Photoshop manipulation) meets low-tech (the relative blur of digital printing, hand techniques of ironing melted beeswax into rice paper.) One has access to an enormous range of imagery, from Giotto, Bellini, and Michelangelo, to an anyonomous soldier's image down-loaded from a soft-porn site. This is the world in which we have been increasingly submerged since the dawn of photography and the ability to print reproductions, since the ability to transmit images instantaneously via television and the computer. To wade through this and create meaning again, to honor, resacramentalize the discarded dead, is the purpose of this current work. Reproductions of these pages in hand made book form are available in a signed, limited edition of 25 on archival paper, with the text on vellum overlays. The entire book costs $175. Hopefully if this is printed in commercial form in a larger edition it can be made available for a fraction of the cost.
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